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Robert Yeager and The Romanov Stone

12/05/2012 6:00 pm


Meet Robert Yeager on December 5 for a reading from The Romanov Stone.

On her deathbed, Kate Gavrill’s mother finally tells her the truth: she is a descendant of Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia. Kate is the final heir to a family fortune, but nothing is simple in the tragic history of the Romanov clan. In order to claim the royal riches, Kate must find a long-missing alexandrite gem-the Romanov Stone-which is no easy task.

Simon Blake, a respected New York gemologist, will be her companion as they travel overseas in search of the legendary jewel. They will not be fighting historians or archaeologists, however. Instead, they must go up against jewel thieves, members of a blood-thirsty crime syndicate, and a sinister cleric trained in mind control.

Simon wants to find the stone as much as Kate does, but his romantic feelings for her make him more protective than proactive. He wants no harm to come to Kate, whereas she is fiercely driven by the need to make sense of her family history. She knows she deserves the fortune. Kate will find the alexandrite and restore honor to the Romanov line-if it’s the last thing she does.

Born in Los Angeles, Yeager grew up in rural Escondido, California. His family later moved to Whittier where he landed his first writing job as a stringer for the Whittier Daily News. In high school, he worked as an editor of the student newspaper and as a contributor to the upstart literary manifesto, We The Sheep. While attending Columbia University in New York, Yeager worked as an editorial assistant at The Chelsea Clinton News, one of Manhattan’s oldest weekly newspapers. Yeager received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Whittier College, where he contributed to The Oak and Thistle literary magazine. He earned his masters in journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. His thesis on the Congressional War Powers was reprinted by Freedom House and the U.S. Army War College.

After serving as a journalist and editor for the Coast Guard, Yeager began his professional career at The Napa Register. Besides writing feature stories and covering local politics and sports, he wrote major investigative pieces on the struggles of Mexican-American workers in the wine industry, environmental problems at a nearby lake resort, and other issues.

Yeager subsequently worked as a San Francisco-based correspondent for the Associated Press and for McGraw-Hill, where he wrote forBusiness Week, Platt’s Oilgram, the New York Times Service, and many other business and professional periodicals. His articles on sports violence were reprinted in the Sunday New York Times andReader’s Digest, and nominated for the National Magazine Award.

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